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Final results…

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

… as follows. Award for Best MCR crew (not qualifying for any other award) went to Luke Carroll and Neil Kinch- well done guys. Thanks to everyone that took part in the event, it was great to see you all. 👍

Expert & Semi Expert

Position Car no. Driver Club Navigator Club Car Registration Class Time Fails

1 2 Paul Crosby HRCR/HERO-ERA Andy Pullan I/HERO-ERA/HRCR Austin Cooper S JDF 184D Expert 0:21:35 1

2 1 Graeme Cornthwaite KLMC Ali Procter H Morris Mini MNW 124F Expert 0:29:15 1

3 6 Thomas Robinson HRCR Lynsey Procter HE Morris Cooper HBE 790D Expert 1:13:56 2

4 8 Keith Proudfoot MCR James Heron MCR Austin Mini A13 UYR Semi Expert 1:14:25 2

5 10 Luke Carroll MCR Neil Kinch MCR Austin Mini 6604 KF Semi Expert 1:01:52 4

6 9 Richard Derrick MCR Robert Duley MCR Morris Cooper TAO 678G Semi Expert 1:13:01 4

7 3 Peter Metcalfe W Guy Wickham W Austin Mini WTC 111D Expert 0:58:10 8

8 11 Sally Ann Hewitt HE Mark Lewis HE BL Mini Clubman SDC 383M Semi Expert 1:03:46 13

9 7 Stephen Reynolds MCR Stuart Lamb MCR Morris Mini Minor RFO 872 Expert 1:00:39 16

10 4 Andrew Brookes MCR Nigel Fraser KLMC Austin Cooper CLH 288H Expert 0:58:47 38

DNF 5 John Nicholson HE Phil Savage KLMC Austin Cooper S PHN 932L Expert Retired Time Card 1b - clutch


Position Car no. Driver Club Navigator Club Car Registration Class Time Fails

1 14 Chris Petitte MCR John MacWhirter HE Rover Cooper S847 GGP Novice 1:07:32 6

2 12 David Dickinson MCR Martin Bell L Mini City E A583 KNB Novice 1:00:10 12

DNF 13 Anthony Devine MCR Robert Magee MCR Austin Cooper ZV26696 Novice Retired Time Card 1a - fuel pump

Withdrew Robert Bateman HRCR Mark Andrew Smith - Morris Mini Minor HBK 214E Novice

Mini Cooper Register

WaterAid UK

📷 Jane Barnard

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