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Rally Format:

Both the Borders and its' sister event for novices, the Tynedale Rally, use traditional ‘plot 'n' bash’ style of navigation commonly seen on navigational road rallies.  Crews are issued with this information both at the start and at intervals along the way that they then have to decode to enable them to follow a predetermined route set at a maximum average speed of 30 mph or less.

Manned time controls located are then used to check compliance with the route and penalties collected for arriving early, late or missing them completely.  Route checks in the form of code boards and manned passage controls are also used to ensure that crews are following the route.

Since 2013, both the Borders and Tynedale have also featured Special Tests.  These involve crews following courses set out on areas of private land using traffic cones marked with letters of the alphabet. Timing on these tests is to the second, with farm yards and farm tracks being typical venues.   



The types of navigation used for each class of entrant typically include:

Experts: Map extracts, tulips, 8 figure map references, map features, grid lines, spot heights, herringbones, compass points and map features (e.g. bridges, watercourses)

Newcomers: Mainly map extracts but also tulips and a few of the types above.

Novices: Again, mainly map extracts but may also other nav. notably tulips

Click on the links below to view and download the route instructions for past events, as well as an example Time Card (note instructions containing map extracts are quite large and may take some time to download).  Further information on navigational methods commonly used on road rallies and guidance intended to help the Novice crew tackle events with some degree of confidence can be also found on our 'Rallying Tips' page.

Past route instructions

Northumberland Borders Rally

Tynedale Rally (Novices only)

2008 Novice Expert  2010












2009 Novice Newcomer Expert
2010 Newcomer Expert
2011 Newcomer Expert
2012 Newcomer Expert
2013 Newcomer Expert
2014 Newcomer Expert
2015 Newcomer  

Example Special Test Layout

Example Time Card











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